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This week Lumension announced that it had acquired CoreTrace, Industrial Defender’s whitelisting partner, another sign that whitelisting is an essential technology in the fight against escalating cyber threats and the epidemic of malware.

We recognized the importance of whitelist and took steps to find the right partner and ensure access to leading whitelisting technology. Since 2010 Industrial Defender has been collaborating with CoreTrace and purchased the CoreTrace source code (read press release) with the rights to integrate and customize it for the unique needs of the ICS market. Since then our engineering teams have been at work on custom development and our customers have been eager to purchase whitelisting as part of Industrial Defender's Automation Systems Manager Protect solution. In advance of the transaction, Industrial Defender worked with Lumension to ensure that, through our OEM agreement, they will continued to provide support to customers and our integration efforts. In the wake of the acquisition we are working with Lumension on their roadmap and considering adding internal resources to escalate our custom development.

We continue to believe that whitelisting is an important part of defending ICS from escalating cybersecurity threats; this acquisition is further evidence of the importance of the technology ID committed to in 2011.