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In 2012 Industrial Defender witnessed a major market shift as global critical infrastructure operators responded to the series of issues including escalating cybersecurity attacks, increasing ICS complexity, proliferation of intelligent devices, and imminent regulatory evolution. The market has acknowledged the need for advanced technologies to automate the management of their heterogeneous control systems and has begun large-scale projects to enhance their security, compliance and change management capabilities.

A year ago, Industrial Defender launched Automation Systems Manager (ASM) aimed at offering an integrated solution that addressed a breadth of industry issues faced by global critical infrastructure operators. Having spent a year in the field talking to customers, I can say with confidence that we hit the mark! Our existing customers have responded by deploying ASM and new customers have emerged who seek to deploy ASM as the centralized platform for security, compliance, and change management programs across their asset fleet. These multi-million dollar, multi-year, contracts are proof positive that ASM is answering the expanding market demand.

Major control system manufacturers continue to approach Industrial Defender about OEMing our new ASM platform; another confirmation that the market is taking serious steps to meet the challenges of managing and securing their automations systems environments. In 2012 we signed a new partnership with Schneider Electric for both their Telvent OASyS platform (used in Utility and Oil & Gas markets) as well as the Citect Division. Additionally, we strengthened our existing partnership with ABB on the System 800xA and Ventyx Network Manager platforms; GE on the XA/21 and PowerON Fusion platforms, Elster on the EnergyAxis platform, and Itron on the OpenWay platform.

Recognizing the ongoing nature of security, compliance and change management programs, customers are acknowledging the limitations of their existing staff to effectively sustain their programs. With staff retirements, headcount constraints, and shortages of cybersecurity expertise, global critical infrastructure operators are turning to their trusted suppliers, such as Industrial Defender, to package turnkey solutions that include ongoing monitoring and management, ensuring their technology investments are maximized and that their internal programs are sustainable. The introduction of Industrial Defender’s new services portfolio of Deploy, Sustain, Supervise, and Survive offer everything from initial technology deployment, ongoing system health & welfare, supervised monitoring of events, baselines, white-list management and moved add-change through options for both on-site and off-site backup, restore and disaster recovery. Industrial Defender made significant investments in 2012 to expand these service capabilities including acquisition of IT operations provider, Fandotech.

Our company kicked off 2012 with the introduction of Automation System Manager (ASM) and recognition as the #1 provider of ICS security (by Pike Research). We finished the year with staffing increases, new global OEM partners, multi-million dollar fleet deals for our product and service portfolio and customers’ expressing appreciation for everything from helping them successfully secure the 2012 Summer Olympics to passing a difficult NERC audit with flying colors. We look forward to another successful year in 2013, with continued market share capture, more global fleet deployments, and further recognition that the automation systems market is growing in direct response to the need for a fully integrated, purpose built, unified technology and services solution for their security, compliance and change management.