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With nearly 50 deployments of ASM in the field, we invited some of our largest customers to our headquarters in Foxborough, MA to discuss their challenges and how Industrial Defender can continue to innovate to meet their needs. With representatives from some of the largest North American utilities, whose combined revenues topped $60 billion, the vast knowledge of ICS security and compliance in the room was astounding.

With discussions led by Venkat Pothamsetty, Director of Product Management, and John Shaw, SVP of Products and Services, the group took a deep-dive into a wide range of topics, such as using automation to manage reporting and compliance for NERC CIP critical cyber assets (CCAs). For these customers, using ASM is central to easing their compliance burdens, improving their industrial control system cybersecurity, and more effectively managing changes to their plant operational technologies (OT) environments.

The agenda and dialog centered on these topics:

  • Establishing and Managing Baselines, Policy Management, Control System Data Collection
  • Scoping capabilities for change management within NERC CIP and beyond
  • Dashboarding and Multi-tenancy for ASM
  • Monitoring and reporting asset health
  • Tackling high availability, back-up and restoration challenges
  • Exploring the role of specialized managed services to augment staff expertise & bandwidth.

All involved agreed the day was a unique opportunity to meet other experts, provide input to fuel the ASM roadmap; and take new ideas back to their organizations.

We are grateful for the insight, commitment, and support of our ASM customers whose active participation made this Technical Advisory Meeting worth repeating. We expect to gather our customers outside of the utility sector to participate in similar Advisory meetings in the near future.

Our commitment to innovation continues. Thanks again to all of you who participated