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The difference in perspectives and power struggles between It and OT continue slow the pace of improvements in SCADA and critical infrastructure security according to a recently published CSO Magazine article.

Last week, ICS CERT announced the findings of two separate incidents where energy industry assets were infected with malware due to compromised USB devices. Over the past few years, concerns have grown as we’ve seen attacks like Stuxnet and Flame target Industrial Control Systems systems.

In speaking with Matt Hines of CSO, Brian Ahern highlighted the importance of applying security, compliance and change management to all ICS environments. Brian explained,

“The market has acknowledged the need to automate the management of their heterogeneous control systems and begun large-scale projects to enhance security, compliance and change management. We've already witnessed a major shift as global critical infrastructure operators respond to issues including escalating attacks, increasing SCADA system complexity and imminent regulatory evolution.”

We’re seeing awareness about security grow within the ICS industry. This is encouraging, as it signals a key step in their continued effort to address the escalating threats to critical infrastructure operations.

You can find the full CSO article here: Employees Put Critical Infrastructure Security at Risk.