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We couldn’t be more proud to receive recognition from Ovum Research as the leading vendor of cyber security solutions for the Smart Grid.

The Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Smart Grid Security Solution* is a 2013 vendor comparison that measures both market impact and customer satisfaction. The results measure Industrial Defender as the leader, outranking several large IT firms including McAfee, IBM, Symantec, RSA and Cisco.

*Ovum Research Jan. 11, 2013

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Ovum Research noted the following strengths of Industrial Defender within the report:

  • “With high scores for market impact, customer satisfaction, and technology, and a focus on the utility industry, Industrial Defender is rated a leader in smart grid security.”
  • “Industrial Defender has a different pedigree compared to the other vendors profiled in this report.”
  • “Industrial Defender has a deep understanding of utilities' unique operational requirements and their complex mix of legacy and next-generation infrastructure components”
  • “The vendor has an impressive array of technology capabilities, particularly in monitoring security and compliance for operational, non-IT components of the grid and in securing legacy SCADA systems.”
  • “Industrial Defender's customer satisfaction scores demonstrate its appeal to utilities and its success in establishing strong relationships with its customers.”

Industrial Defender’s Automation System Manager (ASM) is our flagship platform for security, compliance and change management of the industrial control systems used to manage smart grid operations. Our high customer satisfaction scores reflect the degree to which our technology effectively meets the pressing challenges of smart grid security, the effectiveness of customer deployments, and high quality of our product and service offerings.

The Ovum report marks the second year in a row that a leading analyst firm has ranked our company as number 1 in smart grid cybersecurity. Last year’s Smart Grid Security Management report from Pike Research also ranked Industrial Defender as the number 1 vendor. Factors contributing to Industrial Defenders leadership in the report included recognition of the company’s extensive understanding of industrial control systems (ICS), more than ten years’ experience within operational technology (OT) environments, deep utility customer penetration, and solutions that are purpose-build for OT deployments.

With rapid adoption of Industrial Defender’s ASM technology, and the recent Ovum report, we appreciate the recognition from customers and industry analysts alike. Industrial Defender fully expects its industry and technology leadership position will accelerate in the years ahead.

For a copy of the Ovum Smart Grid Security Decision Matrix click here.