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Energy and Utilities Company Customers of ASM Top 50 Globally.

With over a decade committed to innovating technologies for industrial control systems (ICS) I can finally say that market need and the technology have converged. Critical infrastructure operators now have proven solutions available which enable them to manage the escalating complexity and interconnectivity of their ICS environments amid increasing cyber threats and regulatory pressures. I say this with confidence as I have a front-row seat to both the creation of the technology, and the adaption of it by the largest utilities and energy companies.

It’s been less than 2 years since Industrial Defender introduced Automation System Manager™ (ASM) to the market. Since then more than 50 customers and 75 deployments of ASM are bringing a new level of ICS management to operators.

Recently during a customer visit an executive shared with me… “What took 500+ hours, now takes minutes”. This customer has established Industrial Defender as the standard management platform for their diverse mix of vendor systems across their extensive fleet. Our ASM management platform enables them to do asset management, event monitoring, configuration change management, policy management, and reporting on systems and endpoints within their operational environments, regardless of the control system vendor. Automating these functions improved both their security posture and compliance readiness, with a positive ROI from time and cost savings.

Beyond security considerations, Industrial Defender’s vision has focused on how to manage automation systems for maximum uptime and reliability. We know that managing assets, configurations, and users across complex heterogonous and increasing connected control systems is a daunting task. Our customers are seeing the quantifiable benefits of automating these functions with our ASM management platform. The result is improved operational efficiency while at the same time reducing their cybersecurity exposure and compliance burdens.

The 50 ASM customers are proof positive that Industrial Defender’s 10+ year commitment to OT is paying off. Hitting 50 has never felt so good.