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This week, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) issued a report outlining the challenges faced when protecting power grids. Along with this report, Europe’s cyber security agency included a framework to be used when establishing procedures to secure smart grids. According to the report, a risk-based approach is key to a secure implementation.

Our Kim Legelis shared thoughts with Fahmida Rashid of SecurityWeek, which highlighted that a risk-based approach to smart grid security enables organizations to measure potential exposure and impact. This pragmatic and realist approach allows organizations to analyze and balance a response accordingly. Kim added, “Because it offers freedom in how cybersecurity exposures are handled, it is often favored over more prescriptive regulatory approaches.”

According to the article, ENISA's framework looks at the challenges of securing the smart grid from external attacks, configuration errors and insider threats. With this framework ENISA hopes to increase the level of transparency in the energy market. With European customers throughout the EU, we will be interested to see how the framework develops.

Interested in hearing more about this report? You can find the full SecurityWeek article here: Europe's Cyber Security Agency Releases Framework For Protecting Smart Grids